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James Foy

James Foy was important to Auburn and Alabama, and it was a loss for both great institutions.

For those of you interested, here's some links to compare what the old student center looks like then versus today:



And this is from his career in the military:


Dean Foy:


Foy Student Center

Here's the new episode guys! I changed it up and discussed James Foy, after whom the old Foy Student Center is named. Check it out to hear all about flying airplanes and Auburn controversy!



Hey guys!

Just wanna give you a heads up, the next episode will be on James Edgar Foy and the old Foy student center.

See you then!


Welcome to Auburn Icons! Here's a small sample of what you can hear from us twice a month!


Haley Center

Hey guys!

Hope you listened to the first podcast! For those of you interested, here's some more on the honored Dr. Haley. If you haven't listened to it yet, I profiled the late Dr. Haley.

From graduating from Auburn University, to serving 51 years on Auburn's board of trustees, he was a man who valued education and did everything he could to make the University great.

Also, I  talk about things in Dr. Haley's lifetime of a more personal nature, and why he was a role model for people even today!

Below we see a rare gathering of important figures in Auburn's History:


And here we can see some correspondence concerning Dr. Haley:


An Auburn Alumnews article concerning Dr. Haley:


Sadly Dr. Haley was not to see the completion of the Haley Center:


However, he did get to have a cake in it's likeness!


Busy being young:


And finally, he was a family man:


Intro/Haley Center

Hey guys! Welcome to the first episode of Auburn Icons!

In this episode we will begin to explore Auburn's Campus! Learn about what we are doing in this podcast as well as find out the origins of the Haley Center! To Come: Images and News Clippings as well as the R.B. Draughon Library on the next Podcast!